Getting Off the Road to Burning Out

Photo by Jakob Owens on  Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The SOJC can be a stressful environment for some. It can be competitive. You’re trying to be the best you can be, but you end up comparing your resumé to a friend and feel like you’re never going to get a job. I think a lot of us are burning ourselves out, and need to take care of ourselves, especially when it comes to rest. We all love to sleep, but we aren’t getting enough of it.  I’ve noticed that developing a routine tailored to my needs has helped me be a more successful student and worker. The New York Times published a great article about high achievers and their morning routines that I think can be applicable to all students.

Becoming a “Morning Person”

I used to not be a morning person. I absolutely hated getting out of bed before 11 a.m. (I know, that’s bad.) Now, I’ve managed to push my natural wake up time to around 7:30 a.m. each day, just by experimenting with what time I need to go to bed to not feel tired in the morning. It takes practice and patience, but we can all get there! Now when I wake up, I take time to sit and have breakfast while reading through the biggest news of the day. I’ve found that when I do this, I feel a lot more prepared and energized for the day.

Make Time For What You Love

BuzzFeed explains how millennials are becoming the burnout generation. We all need to take time for ourselves and not feel guilty about working every second of the day. I love to work out, journal, read, and watch Game of Thrones (If you start now and watch one episode each day, you can catch up before the final season starts). I want to do all of these things every day, but I just never felt like I had the time. Prioritizing my schedule and leaving an hour or two each day in my routine for things I love makes me feel amazing! Even just getting a 30-minute work out in is a game changer for me. Put your computer away, stop thinking about your resumé, e-portfolio, school, and do something you love.