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How I Started a Student-run Multimedia Agency in Allen Hall

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Lillian Goodman is a 19-year-old accounting major at Portland State University. Lillian’s world is dark, but her other senses are heightened. She hears the paddles coming out of the water and feels the boat rocking as she competes for her rowing team. She can hear things some people cannot which helps her navigate the world, like the rustling of papers and computer key clicks from her fellow classmates. She feels the soft fur of her guide dog, Delfina. Portland State provides Lillian with services that other Universities could not and gives her a community. She says, “College is 10 times better than high school. I was the only visually impaired student in high school, but here, there is a whole center for us. The Disability Research Center helps 11 visually impaired students with everyday school work and life.

Growing up, Lillian’s life was normal, until the world started to close in on her. Lillian was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at age seven. She did not understand when she first found out, even though her parents decided to wait until she was 10 to tell her. Jenny, Lillian’s mom, says, “She was 7. How do you tell your child she won’t be able to see in a few years? She was too young...” Being different from her fellow classmates did not stop Lillian. She used materials in braille when she became fully blind by 16, which were hard to come by, since her high school was not accommodating. Despite that, she graduated in 2016. In the weeks leading up to graduation, Lillian’s most important decision weighed on her: What college would she attend? She thought about her last two summers of high school, where she worked at Portland State University. The Oregon Commission for the Blind provides jobs for visually impaired high schoolers and give them the opportunity to stay in the dorms and get familiar with the campus. Lillian also found out that PSU had a Disability Resource Center, which was a big deal for her, since the schools she had previously attended never provided this. Ultimately, this summer job experience led Lillian to choose Portland State as her future university.

Lillian's experience at Portland State thus far has been just what she had hoped. The Disability Center has acted as her eyes in the classroom and helps her excel academically just like sighted students. Lillian hopes to graduate and use her major to get a job in the accounting field, although she knows that may be difficult for her because the employment rate for the disabled is very low. “Just because I’m visually impaired does not make me incapable. It just means I may do something differently than you.”


J352 Strategic Writing and Media Relations



J352 Strategic Writing and Media Relations


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